Sunday 26 May 2013

The Proposal Story

So on October 15th which is my birthday Jake and I had the most perfect day......

We drove over to the Wairarapa where he spoiled me by taking me to my favorite cafe. His mum passed away when he was 18, so we went down to visit her at the cemetery. He asked me if I would like to open my birthday present while we were there. He proceeded to give me a beautifully wrapped present……at this point however, I had no idea about his intentions as this box was clearly not ring shaped. It was a large big box with a huge ribbon around it, filled with tissue paper. Then I saw it....that little blue Tiffany & Co box looking back at me. I was so shocked and over whelmed I don’t even remember him asking me “the question”. It wasn’t until I was looking down at him on one knee paincky and flustered asking “You’re going to say yes right?” My brain was having trouble processing all the information, and I was getting all emotional. I finally said: Oh my gosh! Yes, yes, yes! And just like that threw myself at his arms. 

Then the tears started coming while he was trying to put the ring on my shaking hand. I was so excited and happy it was such a wonderful rush of emotions and it was even more special that we got to share it with Jake's mum, Sue. On the way home I kept staring at the beautiful ring on my hand rested on Jake's lap as he drove us home laughing and giggling as we tried out our new name for each other "Fiance". That night I had arranged a birthday dinner and drinks with a few friends. Jake had rearranged the invites to be a mini engagement party with our closest friends and family. Of course when we arrived everyone was waiting with anticipation I walked in and put my hand in the air showing of my engagement ring which caused a huge cheer of applause. I have never felt more loved than I did that day.

Jake and Sue 

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