Wednesday 5 June 2013

Wedding Wednesday

Woo hoo welcome to the first Wedding Wednesday !

Mum and I attended the Wellington wedding show a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing and even better, I found out that my wedding planner put the show together... I know right, I must have the best wedding planner in Wellington! My first official meeting with her isn't until the end of this month...but that hasn't stopped me from planning already!

There are so many good things around to help you plan and give you idea's here is a list of my favourites: 

  • Pinterest! I can spend hours on here...highly addictive! Here is my wedding pinterest page called Mrs Carlson (cute right?!) its basically an inspiration board for my wedding everything I see, I love, I "Pin it". 
  • Wedding magazines, I love buying them! Adds to my shopping addiction. 
  • Wedding websites, there are some really good ones but my absolute favorites go to....drum roll... Green wedding shoes and Style me pretty

As much as I want to share all the fun little projects on here, I might save some until after the wedding. I just want some things to remain a surprise especially since family and friends know about the blog.

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