Sunday 23 March 2014

Wedding: First look

Meeting Jake for our first look was one of my favourite memories of the day. Throughout the day the weather wasn’t the greatest and there was a light drizzle just before we were set to do our first look. Five minutes before I stepped out of the cottage the rain stopped and the sun came out! These images reminded me of the butterflies I felt in my stomach as I walked up behind him and the way Jake excitedly kept saying “Can I turn around now?!”. 

 I'm so happy I was able to keep my dress a secret from Jake. He had seen my shoes which were black so I had a little fun and pretended that my dress was also black and that maybe it was short. He couldn't figure it out because they all sounded wrong! But Jake said nothing would have prepared him for that moment.…he just kept saying how amazingly beautiful I looked. It was such an emotional moment and we were so caught up in our little world that we forgot the photographer was taking photos and that the bridal party were watching us (tears in their eyes).

I loved that we had some special time just by ourselves before the big event. This is one of those special moments that I will cherish forever. 

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