Wednesday 23 April 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Our first dance!

I'm back and I have a few more wedding moments to share with you all! Since family and friends read my blog, I couldn’t share some things that Jake and I wanted to keep a surprise. One of them was our wedding dance! Everyone can ‘shuffle round in circles’ but we wanted to wow our guests with an elegant, classic Tango Waltz......We decided to get professional help! The weeks leading up to the wedding Jake and I took some professional ballroom lessons.

Fun fact about me: I am a qualified Jazz dance teacher! I haven't danced professionally for a few years now and I have never had to dance with a partner before let alone let them lead me! 

Fun fact about Jake: He did Latin American dancing at a competitive level growing up! Yes, that's right my husband can dance! Is there anything he can't do?! 

The dance lessons were so much fun! We stepped on each others toes, we laughed, we rotated, we passed, we cuddled, we twirled and then, finally, we dipped. With a bit of practice and choreography we went from high school prom dance to Dancing with the Stars (well maybe not that good, but it was a dance to remember). Here are a few snaps of us at our dance lessons....

Here it is folks...Our first dance as husband and wife! I loved being wrapped up in my husband’s arms and being surrounded by our closest family and friends as he dipped and twirled me around the dance floor.....


  1. To be fair I was smiling AND sobbing!

  2. Meh, a little bit boring. You are a bit of an attention seeker arent you Jess.

  3. You guys are awesome! So much love! x