Wednesday 14 May 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Kids packs

I still have a couple more Wedding Wednesday's up my sleeve to share!  I really wanted to share this idea for all the brides out there that are currently planning their wedding and having their favourite “little people” attend. It’s such a great idea for the flower girls and page boys too! Jake and I had quite a few little friends that we wanted to share the day with. So I decided to do children’s packs to keep little ones happy and occupied for a toast or two! 

What I included in the kid packs: 

A disposable camera - These are so inexpensive these days. Provide one for each child and let them click away. 

Bubbles - A little pot of bubbles is always a winner!

A sketch book and pencils/crayons - There are also lots of resources online if you’d like to make your own activity book. The one we used was this charming and FREE PDF from Lovely indeed

Treats - I decided to go with old fashioned lolly necklaces. You could include fun size packets of lollies, chocolates or healthy treats such as packets of grapes or apple slices.

Packaging - I popped all the goodies in a brown paper bag with cute name tags. I made these with alphabetical stamps and added that extra touch with our J&J “logo” that was themed throughout our wedding. To make it a little more exciting to open, you could pop some colourful tissue paper inside and sprinkle with glitter /confetti!

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  1. Love the disposable camera idea, kids love to be independent and take their own pictures!