Saturday 19 December 2015

Yauatcha ~ Date Night

Jake and I are huge fans of dim sums so I knew exactly where to take him on our next date night...Yauatcha. We headed to their newest location in Broadgate Circle, Liverpool Street which has taken half of the Circle with balcony views. Yauatcha City has the perfect positioning also serves as the perfect lookout point over the entire hub of restaurants, great for people watching if you ask me! 

As soon I have to say the service and staff is one of the best I've experienced in London. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by beaming faces. We decided to try their Supreme Saturdays menu which is an incredible selection of signature dim sums with a few other Chinese dishes from their main menu served with wine and cocktails and also a dessert all for only £49. 

On the table was Yauatcha's homemade chilli and garlic sauces with pickled cucumber, which just so happens to be a new favourite thing to eat! It's so light and refreshing that also cleanses your palate and inspires the appetite.

I always like a surprise so when the waiter asked me what I wanted to drink I used my usual line "surprize me" I like sweet refreshing cocktails so he made me a Lychee Martini. Jake went with a Thea Martini which was just as good. 

Then six delicious steamed dumplings arrived in a authentic bamboo steamer. After choosing the wine, we tried the tasty fried selection which was just as good. The lovely and polite staff whisked dishes away when we were done and were on hand to top up our glasses without a moment of hesitation. 

That was just the starters. The main course is served with steamed fragrant jasmine rice and perfectly steamed chinese vegetables. Jake chose a 'melt in the mouth' Truffle Pork Belly Rib and I couldn't resist the Lobster Vermicelli Pot. The fragrant flavours coating the lobster more than make up for the challenge of staying 'ladylike' with a potentially messy dish (you do get a finger bowl though!). It was definitely a favourite. 

The perfect lunch is not complete without finishing off with a post feast cocktail! Espresso Martini for Jake and an Amaretto Sour for me.

Now comes the hard agonising decision of which of their 16 desserts you’re going to end with......They all looked like works of art, but the Raspberry Delice won my vote! In a case of classic predictability Jake chose the Coffee Mascarpone. Seriously, desserts don’t come much better than this! 

As dusk arrived, Broadgate Circle lit up in all it's christmassy glory!

I loved the whole design of the restaurant, in particular the modern bathrooms with marble walls which was definitely selfie material!

Before leaving I had to make a visit to the patisserie counter containing gorgeous petit gateaux, macaroons and handmade chocolates..... Of course I purchased a few macaroons to take away with me! 

Beyond satisfied and happily tipsy. Yauatcha City was the perfect place for date night and Jake loved it! It was such an overwhelming foodie experience. No wonder this place has a Michelin star, it deserves it! 

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  1. You look super fabulous and thanks for highlighting a new restaurant for my date night wish list in London!

    Love, x