Saturday 6 February 2016

J&J in New York ~ Part 2

Following on from Part One, this is the second part of our trip to New York!

Audrey Hepburn, NYC, Breakfast at Tiffany's..Need I say more?! I couldn't come to New York with out having Breakfast at Tiffany's at their iconic NYC store. We first popped over to the Trump Towers to pick up a pastry and hot drink from Starbucks to recreate the opening scene of one of the best movies ever! I'm a huge Tiffany & Co fan! So many special moments in my life have been celebrated with Tiffany and Co jewellery, one of the most special moments in my life was when my husband proposed and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. Before that he surprised me on my 21st with none other than their iconic return to Tiffany heart bracelet. So it was extra special to visit their flagship store which consists of seven floors! Yes, it's a girls dream! I tend to lean towards the classic side when it comes to jewellery. With jewellery the simpler the better as long as it is good quality. I know my Tiffany jewellery will be lifelong items that never go out of fashion and will be passed down in our family.

Taxi!!! This was one of my favorite things to do as it really made me feel like a real New Yorker. I had quite a knack for it if I don't say so myself. A cab seemed to magically appear every time I threw my hand in the air and yelled taxi! Catching a taxi is one of those quintessential New York experiences like eating a hot dog from a stand or going for a stroll in Central Park, it's totally mandatory!

Travel Tip: If the roof light on top of the cab is lit, the cab is available and ready to take a fare. When the light is dark, the taxi is either occupied or off-duty.

We got our taxi driver to drop us off in the Meat Packing District to venture onto the High Line which is 1.45 miles long. It's a city park which was once a high-raised railway line that was left abandoned and it has been transformed into a public walkway. It's such a cool, creative concept and we spent our morning walking along it enjoying the sunshine.

Our stomach's were telling us that they needed replenishing and so we set off to find the perfect place for lunch. Chelsea Market is basically foodie heaven! It’s an indoor food court packed with fantastic producers selling artisan bread, oils, cheese and chocolate. There’s also plenty of places to eat, we wanted to try everything...which is exactly what we did!

For our Entree we headed to Los Tacos No.1 If you want authentic Mexican food, you will love this place! We ordered fresh corn tortilla with chicken with delicious guacamole and salsa, and a slight hint of lime. If you are in New York, I definitely recommend a trip to this place that will change the way you think about tacos! 

For our Mains we headed to Lobster Palace. If you love seafood, Lobster Palace is like heaven. You can buy fresh, raw seafood here to cook yourself, or sushi, sashimi and there is a sandwich and soup counter in the back that has the best seafood chowder. You can even get a hot steamed whole lobster to eat then and there! This is absolutely the best seafood spot in all of Manhattan.

We started the main event at the raw seafood bar where I asked one of the chef's to pick out for me a selection of sweet and salty oysters for me to try which were all mouth watering. Next up it was over to the sushi bar where Jake ordered the Tradional Omakase Tasting which is a piece by piece nigiri tasting. "Omakase" means "I leave it to you" Which allowed the Chef to serve what he considers to be the best 20 sashimi courses. There's something really unique and intimate about sitting in front of the chef making your food and interacting with them. It was like having a delicious educational sushi lesson. If you get a chance to visit Lobster Place I highly recommend ordering prepared to be amazed. The service is perfect and the food is absolutely amazing. I must say this was the best sushi and sashimi of my entire life!

We couldn't leave without dessert, however I'm still unsure how we managed to fit it in. We stopped at Creamline which specialises in American Classics. We ordered The Waffle Sundae to share which was an absolute treat! All in all I guess we could say Chelsea Market was a food was definitely a food day!

We headed back to our Hotel, The Viceroy, to freshen up and drink cocktails at a rooftop bar and pretend to be all classy! The Roof at the Hotel Viceroy is a posh lounge and outdoor terrace with sweeping views over Central Park. We were happy we arrived early as later in the evening the palace was packed. Looking out at Central Park from above and the midtown twinkling lights it truly does make you fall in love with NYC! 

On our last day in NYC we decided it was time to be really posh, and go shopping down 5th Avenue where all the designer shops are because why not! Loved the hustle and bustle of the streets of NY. For those looking to buy high-end fashion items, lined with top fashion brands of the world, 5th ave will not disappoint. The exchange rate coming from Europe was in our favour so we shopped until we dropped. I can't wait to wear my new purchases and have somebody ask "oh where is that from" and I can answer "just from New York darling". 

On our last evening in New York we headed back to Time Square. If there is something I would recommend it would be to experience Times Square in both the day and night as it is a totally different experience. It’s most impressive at night when it’s so lit up. It was the perfect ending to our trip and of course we made one more visit to Shake Shack our favorite burger joint before heading off to the Airport.

New York we absolutely fell in love with you! We are already planning a second trip to the big apple! We were very lucky as the night we left was when blizzard Jonas 2016 hit the east coast and we were literally on the second to last plane to fly out of JFK Airport! To be honest, I don't think we would have minded getting stuck in New York for a few more days. I love that Jake loves to travel just as much as I do! I’m already looking forward to our next adventure.

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