Thursday 14 April 2016

J&J in Sweden ~ Husky Ride with Nature Travels

Of course our main reason for visiting Sweden was for the dog sledding! We are both dog lovers so we literally couldn't wait to meet our team of Huskies. Spending time with them was amazing! We arrived at their kennels to find each dog barking like crazy expressing their eagerness to get going, egging each other on with wagging tails. 

As soon as we set off, it was silence as they pulled us through snowy forests and across frozen lakes, a wonderful experience. The best thing was that I don’t know who smiled the most, us humans or the dogs. We loved taking in all the scenery and the enthusiasm of the huskies running gleefully through the snow. The huskies absolutely love to run, and part of the heart warming experience for me was to see these beautiful dogs in their element and living life to the fullest. 

Jake took first turn as driver and thoroughly enjoyed it with me sitting on the sled taking pictures and videos. We stopped in front of this adorable cabin in the Forrest. This coffee break was perfect and we sat around a fireplace to warm ourselves up and fill up our stomachs with warm mushroom soup. 

We did a 3 day discover dog sledding tour through Nature Travels. Our tour guide was Klara who was extremely friendly and fitted in with our group so well and pretty much did everything possible to make a great trip. She taught us how to look after and feed our dogs and take off their harnesses. Each evening we stayed in a cabin in the mountains. It was a real experience in the wilderness where Klara would cook us local cuisine. The lodge was big and more luxurious than I was expecting and the sauna (pictured below) is absolute heaven after a day out sledding!

This wee pretty is called Velma and she was one of the front two dogs in our team and has the most loving, affectionate personality. If you sat down next to her she'd climb on top of you and snuggle up or try and get inside your jacket! How gorgeous are her eyes?!

Later in the evenings we would roast marshmallows and have hot chocolates around the fire place before a quick sauna to warm up before bed. 

The next day I decided that I was feeling brave enough to drive. I don't even know what I was scared of... it was so much fun! Jake and I had turns driving the rest of the trip and even drove together at some points. It was so much fun sharing this experience.

Klara our tour guide took us to this cute teepee in the woods where we cooked traditional Swedish hot dogs over the fire place for lunch.

Lapland is truly out of this world and you have to see it for yourself to believe it! Definitely an experience of a lifetime!

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