Thursday 23 June 2016

J&J in Croatia: Part 1 ~ Dubrovnik

Croatia has been on our travel list for quite some time but for one reason or another we hadn't ever gotten around to visiting these beautiful shores, A few months ago when our friends Rachel and Sam asked if we should do a couples trip somewhere, Croatia was mentioned and we jumped at the opportunity! So you may see their faces pop up from time to time in some of the photos. 

We decided to hire a car so that we could drive up the coast of Croatia and explore all the beautiful coastline. Croatia was everything I dreamed it would be, we spent a week lapping up the Mediterranean sun, swimming in beautiful blue glistening waters, exploring quaint little towns with cute cobblestone alleyways, topped off with fresh seafood and gelato! 

We did and saw ALOT! So I have decided to share our trip in parts so you can really get the feel of every location we visited. First stop on our itinerary was the breath taking Dubrovnik. We felt like we had travelled back in time. Or more appropriately the set of Game of Thrones! 

We set of to explore the nearly two kilometers of ancient city walls that fortify the town which had amazing views of the Mediterranean sea and old town. We loved walking around, gazing down at the terracotta-roofed old city below, taking in the beauty of the old town and all its hidden nooks and crannies. 

As a true Game of Thrones fan I had done a bit of research about all the filming locations and spent my time walking around the ancient city wall playing tour guide. I pointed out filming locations and scenes and also a bit of history.

It was a bit cloudy on our first day, however we were quite thankful as it was still really hot and made walking around the ancient city walls a bit easier too!

Travel tip ~ I would recommend going early morning or late afternoon to miss the crowds from the cruise ships. It felt like we had the whole place to ourselves most of the time.

Meet Rachel & Sam. This is not the first time they have been on the blog and it won't be the last. However this photo sums up their personalities pretty well!

I loved looking down and taking in the old ruins and pretty little gardens.

Can I please move in?! How gorgeous are these sea side homes? 

We left the ancient city walls and went below to explore the old city.

The sun was finally starting to poke through the clouds which meant of course it was time for some gelato!

How could one not enjoy getting lost in these charming streets?!

I'm absolutely in love with this summer's off the shoulder trend. I found this beautiful blue number just before we left for out trip. A perfect outfit for a day spent out in the sun and definitely one that will be worn again and again throughout summer!

Outfit details ~ Dress // Sunglasses // Sandals // Bag

We were in need of refreshments and I knew the perfect oasis! Just outside the ancient walls there is a hidden treasure called Buza Café. This is a romantic little cliff-top bar reached by a tiny "hole in the wall" style doorway and has incredible views over the Adriatic sea.

Lunch time! I'm not gonna lie, we literally ate like Kings and Queens on this trip. We found this hidden little gem just off the beaten track, down a little cobblestone lane in Old Town. The moment we entered Marco Polo we were impressed with the warm welcome from the staff. Our waiter was very helpful giving us suggestions on what to order and helping us choose a local wine.


If you didn't know already Croatia is basically seafood heaven, so of course I had to have a couple of oysters for my starter. My mouth is just watering thinking about them.

Jake and I had the "Sea food plate for two". We were impressed as soon as they laid down the dish in front of us. Freshly caught fish, mussels, squid and scampi! Did I mention sea food heaven?!

With a full bellies, we made our way back to our hotel. I’ve been excited to tell you about this place since the moment I stepped through its front doors. Hotel Kazbek is a charming, boutique hotel located on the marina with gorgeous views. Quiet, refined, and absolutely perfect! Staying at the Kazbek felt at times like you were in your own private villa.

We also took full advantage of the lovely hotel pool. There were ample loungers and staff were always on hand should you want anything! If you are planning a trip to Dubrovnik I highly recommend staying here.

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing around the pool drinking cocktails.

In the morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast including pastries, freshly squeezed juice, and all sorts of cooked delights before hitting the road.....Next stop Split!!

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