Friday 9 December 2016

Boxpark Croydon

Boxpark in Croydon has been open for just over a month and it's become a bit of a regular stop for Jake and I. Boxpark is an awesome concept. It’s entirely constructed out of refitted shipping containers! Most Londoners would have been to the one in Shoreditch however, their newly opened Boxpark in Croydon is the first only food and beverage site. As you already know, Jake and I are both "foodies" and it would have been rude not to try out this superb food hub. We have been sampling nearly every place over the past few weeks and have whittled it down to our recommended favourites. 

Best Breakfast: The Breakfast Club

This popular restaurant is already dotted around London and has always been a favourite brunch spot of mine. Jake and I always find ourselves coming back here over and over again and the food never disappoints. Two of my favourite items on the menu would be the Full Monty and the Pancakes with Berries!

Jake is the coffee expert. I on the other hand am a complete tea girl (never liked coffee sorry to say…Gasp!). Very un-Gilmore Girl of me, I know! Jake says it's quite hard to find good coffee in London but this place got his tick of approval! I would also like to say, that their lemongrass and ginger tea is also very delicious!

Best Bao: Coqfighter

If you don't already go here for their famous chicken burgers and beer, than you must go for their Bao! Jake and I would probably count ourselves as professional 'Bao' tasters... Mainly because we love them so much and secondly because we've tried quite a few. If you don't know what 'Bao's' are, they are flavoursome, fluffy steamed buns filled with Asian savoury fillings.

Best Burger: Meat Liquor

Any new burger place is a bit of a novelty for Jake and I. We were super excited to try Meat Liquor as Jake and I also consider ourselves burger experts of sorts. They defiantly lived up to the hype and has now turned into one of our regulars! Don't forget to order the buffalo fries too!

Best Café: Mud

We had to add this place because it also does great coffee and it's an Aussie-style brunch café! We love this place for it's laid back antipodean style. It’s the perfect place to meet up with friends on the weekend for brunch and did I mention their counter is also piled high with lots of delicious freshly-baked goodies?!

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