Thursday 6 April 2017

Bride and Groom Magazine Feature

One of the first things I did when Jake and I got engaged was to run out and buy a copy of Bride and Groom magazine!  NZ Bride and Groom magazine played a huge part in planning our special day.  I drew so much inspiration from their pages and website.  Each page is packed full of wedding inspiration, advice and the hottest trends.  It's no wonder that Bride and Groom is New Zealand's number one wedding magazine!

Of course Jake and I were absolutely over the moon when he won NZ Groom of the year!  They also featured our special day in a four page spread!  I can't tell you how much it meant to me to see us in the exact magazine that I had read page after page myself when I was planning my wedding.  I remember thinking just how beautiful all the weddings were and was in complete awe of the other couples and their special days.  Never did I think that one day we would grace these pages!

I started this blog as a creative outlet and online dairy for planning our wedding.  I have always had a passion for planning events, but planning our own wedding cemented my desire to become a wedding planner to help other couples and families enjoy their wedding day as much as we did.  This blog has definitely opened a lot of doors for me and I've meet some very talented people and made some incredible friends through my blog.  The lovely team at Bride and Groom magazine being one of them!

So, when NZ Bride and Groom contacted me to see if I would like to write an article for them, I literally fell off my chair!  Total dream come true…I still remember reading the email and then jumping up and down like I’d won lotto while Jake wondered what had got me all excited!
With all the travel that Jake and I have been doing the past year, it only seemed appropriate that my first article would be on some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Europe.  Tried and tested by yours truly!

I'm still pinching myself about having my own humble words published in NZ Bride and Groom magazine!  If you want to find out where our most popular destinations for honeymoons are in Europe, you will have to go out and buy the magazine!  You can order directly through Bride and Groom magazine here, or buy a copy from your local news agent in New Zealand.

Ps. I'm on page 168. :) 

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