Sunday 16 April 2017

J&J in French Riviera: Part 2 ~ Monaco

Time to see how the rich live! Our next stop along the French Riviera was Monaco which is actually it's own country, second smallest in the world in fact (beaten only by the Vatican)! Monaco is home to the rich and wealthy, where one in three people are millionaires. Let's be clear, I am not a millionaire. I haven't won the lottery or inherited a load of cash....but that doesn't stop a girl from dreaming! We were off to explore the land of casino, luxury yachts, exclusive boutiques and flash cars!

The first place we explored was Monte-Carlo Square. This has to be the place to see and be seen. The square itself is beautiful with it's ornate buildings and lavish atmosphere. However it's the expensive cars and camera clicking tourists that are entertaining. Just take a moment to sit and watch the fascinating world go by.

Here is where you will find Casino de Monte-Carlo and also Hotel de Paris where we had booked for lunch. Café de Paris is the place to go for lunch in Monaco so I had made sure I had booked a table early in advanced as this place is also hugely popular. We were seated outside on their terrace and enjoyed a leisurely lunch at this iconic café.

After lunch we headed up the hill towards Old Town of Monaco. The quickest way up the hill is to climb the steps of the Rampe Majeure. 16th century staircase which offers amazing views over Monaco once you reach the top! We checked out the Princes Palace and also visited the cathedral where Grace Kelly was married and is now buried. But what we enjoyed the most was wondering around these little streets, old houses, hidden little shops, and of course the breathtaking views!

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After we headed down to the Monte Carlo harbour to see the big boys toys! Strolling along the boulevard we were just in awe of our surroundings. We had beautiful buildings soaring above us on one side and grandiose yachts floating in all their splendour on the other. The beauty of the harbour is just stunning but I truly couldn't get over the size and opulence of some of these vessels!

Just trying to remember where we parked our super yacht?!

That evening we headed to Brasserie De Monaco. We were just in time for happy hour and enjoyed a few beers and ciders after a long day sight seeing! 

Although Monaco is famous for champagne, Brasserie De Monaco serves popular local beers and some good old hearty pub food along with a awesome DJ…À votre santé!

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