Monday 1 May 2017

J&J in French Riviera: Part 3 ~ Antibes

The next destination we ticked off on our trip to the French Riviera was the gorgeous and quaint town of Antibes. This beautiful 16th century town has a rich culture and is filled with classical and contemporary art. Antibes has long attracted not only famous artists but also the rich and famous to its beautiful locality. 

Last summer I brought my first pair of short dungaree's. I love them so much I decided to buy this long denim pair this Spring. I paired this with a lace blouse which looks especially cute peaking out from behind the overall’s straps!

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When we arrived, we headed to Le Jardin, a restaurant that specializes in French cuisine.  One would almost miss the entrance as it is down a cute alley way off Rue Sade but once inside, a world opens up to a delightful courtyard.  As we were seated it had me feeling like I was in an old village in the countryside and we basically had the whole place to ourselves!  With a selection of set menus and à la carte dishes, the food was classy and flavoursome.

Of course, I had to order the escargots!  You can't visit France without trying snails.  It was so funny watching everyone's expressions as we tried these French delicacies!  I quite liked them myself, the texture was interesting and the sauce they came in, yummy.

Along with desserts that were almost too pretty to eat....

After lunch we headed to Musee Picasso, a beautiful small chateau right on the sea front.  This is where the famous 20th century artist Pablo Picasso spent six months painting masterpieces.  The museum houses an impressive collection of his paintings and sketches along with works from other famous artists.  Unfortunately it was actually closed the day we visited however, the chateau itself was beautiful.

You could say we're a bit of a blogging, vlogging fam bam! I would like to introduce you to my two sister's Leo to my left and Tez to my right. They both vlogged our trip to the French Riviera. Be sure to click on their names, if your keen for a bit of a giggle and to check out all the craziness that we got up to!

We ended the afternoon strolling along the seaside, through the little cobbled streets and alleyways admiring the ancient buildings and soaking up the charming historic ambience.

See you soon, for part 4 of our trip in the French Riviera!

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