Monday 22 May 2017

J&J's trip to Disneyland ~ Paris

Once upon a time...Jessie, Jake, Tez and John all went to Disneyland!!!!  Visiting Disneyland always transports you back to your inner child!  You can sense the magic walking up the Main Street, spotting the Disney castle you find yourself enchanted by the fairy tale characters that surround you! You can totally lose yourself in this magical world and it's amazing!

This was mine and Jakes second time visiting Disneyland in Paris.  We loved having an excuse to visit again, this time with my sister in law and her partner all the way from down under.  Of course we had to take some must-have snaps in front of the castle, before getting to the serious stuff. And so it began, we were off running around with the goofiest grins trying to decide on what ride to go on first!

Shop our outfits ~ Sweatshirt // Jeans // Bomber Jacket // Converse shoes // Sunglasses

We were determined to try every thrilling ride in the park but because I'm not the biggest thrill seeker, I happily played mama bear/ bag holder/ photographer for some of the rides.  Of course when it came to the tea cup ride (my fav) I had to bribe them to come with me!

I took a crazy amount of pictures and declared that I could happily live at Disneyland!  I'm completely obsessed with everything Disney as it was such a big part of my childhood.  I know all the movies and songs and am one of those “big kids” you will find singing and prancing along oblivious to the embarrassment of my husband!

We all agreed that our favorite ride was The Hollywood Tower Hotel. However I didn't let go of Tez's arm the whole time and may have also slightly deafened her with my screaming...

One of my highlights was without a doubt the Disney parade and fireworks display.  It is a dazzling spectacle of projections and special affects, glittering fountains and fireworks all choreographed to music.  The sights and sounds make you feel that this is where dreams do come true! It was also Disneyland's 25th anniversary celebrations when we were there, so they had special guest John Legend come out to surprise us! We were beyond surprised and I was especially over the moon when he sang the song from Beauty and the Beast 'Tale as old as time'. Check out his performance over on Tez's Vlog here.

There is just so much going on and so much to smile and laugh about that nothing else in the world matters.  I am determined to visit every Disneyland in the world.  It is definitely one of the happiest places on earth!  Who needs a therapist when you can just go to Disneyland?


  1. omg! I just recently went to the Tokyo one! Look like you had a blast!
    Xx, TL

    1. I really want to go to the Tokyo one! I want to do every Disneyland in the world now! :)

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