Monday 19 June 2017

J&J's Day Trip to Bath

A few weeks ago my Brother John and his partner Lisa came over to visit us in London. While they were here we decided to take them to one of my favorite little English cities called Bath. If you ask anyone in England they will say that Bath is a must see place. I absolutely agree with them, Bath is beautiful so much so that the entire city has been made a UNESCO World Heritage Site with it's gorgeous historic buildings and it's quintessentially English charm. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a corner of Bath that is not pretty.

We caught a train to Bath which is only an hour and a half from London. The great thing about Bath is that it's really small which makes it perfect for a day-trip. Once we arrived we headed to Pulteney Bridge, which is a gorgeous Palladian style bridge which overlooks the weir in the river. Pulteney bridge is one of those classic places to visit while you are in Bath.

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We made our way to the roman baths which Bath is famous for. On our way we stopped into the Abby for a quick look through. The Abby itself is beautiful, the architecture is incrediable and makes you wonder just how they managed to build such an impressive building so long ago. The history and feeling you get both inside and outside the Abbey is one not to be missed.

Jake and myself have visited the Roman Baths before, but I was super excited to take John and Lisa to one of my favorite places. The Roman Baths hold a special little place in my heart as a little girl our family friend use to have a big professional photo that she brought sitting in her house that she brought when she visited the baths many years ago. As a little girl I use to tell myself one day I will go here and visit this place! Well I kept my promise and now have a similar picture sitting in my house.

After checking out the Roman Baths we headed to the Pump Room for afternoon tea. This iconic restaurant serves up British cuisine with a modern twist, but their specialty is afternoon tea which is also a quintessentially British experience. We had their Traditional Pump Room Tea. This restaurant offers one of the finest backdrops and Bath and also has a live pianist music each day. 

After lunch we headed to The Circus, no not an actual Circus filled with acrobats or clowns. This is a famous circular crescent with beautiful Georgian Period architecture. In the middle there is a  roundabout with gorgeous big tress and a nice place to relax on the grass. Another must see in Bath's impressive array of Georgian delights.

After walking around exploring Bath it was time to head to the Thermae Bath Spa, where we could bathe in naturally warm, mineral-rich waters just as the Romans did 2000 years ago. The best part about this Spa is it's located right in the heart of Bath and has a rooftop spa where you get incredible views all over the historic city. Due to the consideration of other swimmers there are no photo of the pools however I will end this post with these incredible views that we took on the rooftop before spending the rest of the afternoon floating in the pools relaxing!

I hope you enjoyed this post, Bath by far is by favourite little English city!


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