Monday 17 July 2017

J&J in the Cotswolds ~ Part 2

Continuing our Cotswold's adventures, today's post is filled with the beautiful countryside villages we visited! We stayed at Chester House, which is right in the heart of Bourton-on-the-water. The staff were so lovely and we felt right at home from the minute we arrived! It was a great home-base for exploring the surrounding countryside.

After talking to the receptionist she mentioned that before we leave, we must go for a walk to Upper and Lower Slaughter. The name comes from old English 'Slothre' which has nothing to do with killings and simply means 'Muddy place'.

Off we went down honey-coloured stone alleyways and over gorgeous bridges...

The morning sun shone through the trees and made Bourton-on-the-water light up under the summer sun.

The walk only took us about 25 minutes and we arrived at Lower Slaughter which had a lovely stream running through the middle of it. We strolled alongside the stream taking in all the pretty sights which lead us to the village's old water mill.

This 1000 year old town is covered in adorable cottages that feel like they'd fit in on the pages of your favourite fairy tale!

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The next village on list was Stow-on-the-Wold, it felt so quintessentially British!

We loved wondering around the exploring the antique shops and cute cafes.

We made our way to Hive for lunch and spent a good few hours here. We loved the cozy, friendly atmosphere.

We ordered the cheese and charcuterie boards to share.

With their counter filled with yummy baked treats we thought it would be rude not to have some cake and scones before we left.

After lunch we stopped at Grey Gardens which had this magical little sanctuary out the back.

It felt like we had found a secret garden all to ourselves.

Inside it was filled of antique goods, we picked up some authentic Bollinger and Moet & Chandon wooden crates. I've been keeping my eye out for something like this for our home and these were such a bargain as well!

Before hitting the road back to London, we came across a beautiful green barley field. I made Jake jump for joy lol!

I'm a city girl at heart but I must admit the Cotswold's definitely brought out my inner country girl, that's for sure!

  I have to take my hat off to the Cotswolds! It was the perfect place to relax and soak up the ambiance of the English countryside! We will be back again!

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  1. Love the photo gallery in this post, and particularly the one with the reeds in front and you gently out of focus in the background. And love how your captions are so nicely written, and almost make the whole affair have a picture-book quality to it. Your adventures in Cotswold are really charming!