Tuesday 19 September 2017

Golden hour with Biancca Wallace Photography in LA

Jake and I recently went on holiday to LA and had the pleasure of spending an evening with the beautiful and extremely talented Biancca Wallace Photography. You can read Part One of our trip here, but before I share more of our LA adventures, I just had to share these incredible images! Jake and I have learned so much about each other in the almost eleven years we have been together. I lucked out hard in the Husband department! Even though I haven't figured out how I managed to bag him, I'm sure glad that I did!

We always try and have some photos taken to capture each year and how far we have come. Living on the other side of the world means we are lucky enough to visit and document our love in some beautiful and romantic destinations.

I absolutely love these photos, it was so much fun running around with Jake by the sea spending some time together. Biancca managed to capture our love for each other so perfectly! So today I wanted us both to share three things we've learned over the past three years of marriage.

Jessie ~

1. We make time for each other

Jake works really hard and since he works as a Paramedic, shift work means we often go days without seeing each other. So we always make sure to make time for each other. This can be as simple as spending the day lounging around. Sometimes its just nice to close off from the world and spend the day in bed curled up in Jake arms watching movies and doing nothing at all then other times, something a bit more extravagant like traveling, even if it's just a mini weekend getaway, takes us back to that honeymoon phase! We always come back feeling more connected.

2. Hangry is real!

The Urban Dictionary describes Hangry as 'when you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both'. Jake and I hardly ever argue, not to say that we never do, but it's rare for us to get heated. However, when we do there's a high chance one of us is Hangry! Lol! I’m a firm believer there's not a problem in the world that can't be solved with a cheese burger and fries!

3. We kiss goodbye everyday

It's so simple, but we make an effort everyday to kiss each other goodbye. Even if he is fast asleep and just finished a night shift I will still give him a kiss on the cheek before I head out the door or if he is in a rush and I'm in the shower he will still steal a quick kiss. Since our schedules can be crazy at times it's so nice to have this regular moment each day.

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Jake ~

1. Make time to appreciate each other

I spend 50% of my life at work, more if I pick up the odd over time shift. My shifts are always 12 hours minimum. When I’m working there’s no energy left for the normal house hold chores and I often fall asleep before we can talk about our plans for the weekend. That means Jess has to pick up the slack each day often for 5 or 6 days in a row! She keeps the house in order, food in the cupboards, clean socks in the draws, maintains a day job, constantly works on jessieandjake.com and sometimes she’ll even make my lunch for me! I make an extra effort to show appreciation for everything she does, whether it’s a thankful text message, a random bunch of flowers or a sneaky surprise outing for dinner. It goes without saying, when I am off duty I try and pick up my fair share although I’m not exactly talented when it comes to life admin!!

2. Plan together

Every year we sit down and talk about what we want to do, where we want to go and how we’re going to get there. We set some goals for the next year and albeit, less frequently we also talk about the 5 and 10 year timeframes. This helps me to know things like how much money do we need to earn, when are we going to take leave (very important for those of us who work in emergency services) and what we each want out of well, life I suppose. Believe it or not but we’re strikingly different people and whilst I’d love to spend a week bushbashing with nothing but a backpack and sleeping under the stars I dare say my wife wouldn’t be too happy if I made her go without a shower for more than 24 hours!

3. Game of Thrones is life

Unless you’re actually trying to get a divorce I suggest you don’t watch the next episode without your significant other…even a hand delivered Five Guys will struggle to right that wrong!

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No, Jake and I don't have it all together and we don't have it all figured out but, at the end of the day I have to say we both know as long as we stay on each others team, we can get through anything. I just love how unique our relationship is. It's beautiful, flaws and all!

A huge thank you to the beautiful Biancca for these gorgeous images! She was a dream to work with and she is truly talented with being able to capture natural, genuine photographs that hold true emotion. For more information about her photography head over to her website Biancca Wallace Photography

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  1. Love this, team!!! The photos are stunning and the words are beautiful!
    Cannot wait to have you guys in front of my lens again, soon hopefully!

    Candy x