Monday 29 January 2018

Our biggest surprise yet!

Jake thought this was just another adorable shoot that I had roped him into…..but boy was he in for a surprise!

I was so happy to be a part of this styled, wild forest elopement shoot.  I mean come on....any excuse to marry my hubby again!  We have a bit of an ongoing joke now that I'll never stop marring Jake!  Lets face it, being a blogger and also working in the wedding industry, this is not the first time we've modeled for a styled wedding shoot.  I’ve said this before but taking part in a styled shoot is so romantic and brings back all those feelings of your actual wedding day.

As this was an elopement styled shoot, I told Jake that we needed to rewrite our vows to each other as a method to inspire the creativity and enable the photographer to capture that true emotion.  After spending the morning relaxing and getting ready we made our way to the forest to be stunned by this wildly romantic set up. I started to get those little nervous butterflys you get in your stomach when you're super excited...little did Jake know my vows would reveal a pretty big secret...

Jake slowly and calmly read his vows out to me. He has such a way with words! It was getting me all choked up before I even got close to saying mine. When it was my turn, I wasn’t so calm and speed through the beginning, middle and...finally got to the last line of my vows...

"Jake, I am always and forever yours with every inch of my heart…along with this little baby growing inside me."

I was pregnant!

Jake's reaction was priceless!!! I think the photos speak for themselves! Tears were flowing and hugs were shared. It was incredible!

I had found out a couple of days before the shoot and arranged with our talented photographer Nataly J, that we could use this moment to surprise Jake and tell him that he was going to be a daddy.

While enjoying our forest floor styled picnic, I pulled out a little present that I had kept hidden away for Jake. Some little baby booties! Our very first baby purchase. I cannot wait to put these on our little baby. July can't come quick enough! We'd been talking a lot about starting a family and had only just started trying. We are so grateful, as neither of us thought it would happen this fast!

You can say that we are pretty excited to be parents!!! I can't even tell you how happy we are to finally announce our news and share these incredible images with you.
A special thank you to this wonderful, amazing dream team for your help in creating such a special pregnancy reveal!

Wedding Planner / Stylist: The Stars Inside

Photographer: Nataly J Photography

Florist: Bloomantic

Stationer: Willow Beau

Hair and make-up artist: Amanda White

Bridalwear: Designer piece Raphaella, from Morgan Davies

Bridal headpieces: Hermione Harbutt

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  1. That is so special! What a great way to surprise your hubby! Congratulations Jessie!!!