Tuesday 27 March 2018

J&J's Gender Reveal.....We're having a.....

Spoiler alert!!! Don’t scroll to the end of this post just yet!

Jake and I were both so excited to find out the gender of our baby. I don’t know what was more exciting, finding out I was pregnant or finding out the gender of our sweet baby J&J! Firstly, I want to give you a little update on how the first trimester went and answer some of the questions that we have been asked.


How we found out: We had talked a lot about starting a family and we knew we were both excited to one day have a little one. We weren’t sure exactly how long it would take, but at the end of October I ran out of the pill and we decided we would stay off it and see how things go. We were thinking that it would actually take a while. It turns out that after just a few weeks, I was pregnant! I decided to keep it a secret from Jake for a whole two days and put together something super special to tell him he was going to be a daddy! You can see how I told him here.

How far along I am: Today I am 22 weeks and our baby is as big as a coconut!

Due date: 29th of July 2018!

First trimester symptoms: My first symptom that I felt from literally day one, was extremely sore boobs! Oh my goodness! Ouch! I nearly wept every time someone went to hug me. That's how sensitive and sore they were. I immediately couldn’t wear my normal bras and had to buy some soft bra tops, in a few sizes bigger than normal! Secondly, was the extreme fatigue that I felt. I had heard before from pregnant friends and family that they were tired but nothing actually prepared me for how tired I would actually feel. I truly felt like I just slept for the first three months! A huge thank you to hubby for looking after me and keeping the house together while I turned into sleeping beauty. I feel truly blessed that I haven’t suffered from any morning sickness, but instead I have suffered from low blood pressure, which has given me a few dizzy spells. Having a paramedic as a husband has come in quite handy!

Cravings: Holy moly! This baby has a sweet tooth! I have never been a huge chocolate fan, but I could eat a whole block to myself these days. I generally have to have a dessert with every meal whether it be dinner, lunch or breakfast. There is a constant stash of cake and lollies. We have also enjoyed a few evenings of having pancakes for dinner too (which the hubby has also enjoyed)!

In my first trimester I got asked a lot if we would find out what we were having. Which I answered with an immediate YES! I’m one of those annoying people who always flips to the back of the book to find out what happens, so of course I was going to find out the gender of our baby! However at our gender reveal scan I had to go through the torture of getting the midwife to write the gender on a little piece of card and then put it into a sealed envelope which was then handed straight to Jake as I could not be trusted with it!

We had organized with our good friend and photographer Nataly to capture our reactions as we found out if we were having a girl or a boy. We headed to the beautiful Kew Gardens, I wanted to do something different than a balloon or cake announcement and totally fell in love with the smoke bomb gender reveal when I saw it on Pinterest. We handed over the gender envelope along with the blue and pink smoke bombs we had brought in advance and gave them both to Nataly.

She then kindly handed back the correct bomb to Jake and we waited with anticipation for him to pull the wire and reveal the colour! We kept our eyes closed until Nataly told us to open them... when we did we found ourselves surrounded in blue smoke. 

My heart could just burst as I’m writing this because we’re just so excited to officially announce, Jake and I are having a…….BABY BOY!!!! *cue the screams and tears* and bring out the credit card!! It’s time to go baby shopping!

Wow! I can’t even contain how elated we are that we are having a boy...a mini Jake! I can’t wait to see Jake being a daddy to our sweet little boy. My heart melts just thinking about it. So excited! We can’t wait to meet him with his wavy brown curls and hopefully sweet dimples like his dad. If you’re wondering about the name, we have a few that we like. We’re going to wait until the day our darling boy comes into this world to share that bit of news, publicly!

I love feeling him dancing around in my belly. Only another 18 weeks until he will be in our arms!



  1. Congratulations you two! So happy for you both! Enjoy this precious time!

    1. Thank you so much! We are over the moon and the countdown is on to meeting our little man!

  2. Congratulations to you both! How sweet, you both must be imagining how he would look when he arrives into the world. When I had Caius, I pictured him with brown hair, big brown eyes, a small nose and and caramel coloured skin and funnily enough he turned out exactly how I had imagined him! Enjoy taking the credit card to shop for your dear little one ;)

    1. How sweet! Can't wait to meet our little man! Thank you so much, looking forward to going shopping!

  3. These photos are actually next level!! Smoke bomb was definitely the coolest idea ever!!

    1. Thanks so much sissy! So happy we captured this special moment! xxx