Thursday 10 May 2018

J&J’s Baby Shower

Before leaving London I really wanted to have a mini baby shower with all our nearest and dearest. Honestly we are so lucky to have and made so many great friends here. We hosted our baby shower at a French style brasserie located in the Wallace Collection museum in the centre of London’s fancy Marylebone area. It was the most gorgeous backdrop with it pink interior covered courtyard in the middle of the museum complete with sculptures, trees and natural light flooding in through the glass ceiling. The great part about hosting our baby shower here was that it also allowed for our guests to explore the museum before or after the baby shower celebrations, it is free to visit and is a real treasure trove of furniture, porcelain and paintings.

We had a long banqueting table along with some decorations items, we went with a ‘Oh baby’ theme and got some great items of Esty. Along with some macaroons as flavours for our guest from Fortnum & Mason's. Guest were treated to afternoon tea which included freshly made sandwiches, perfectly dainty scones with clotted cream and preserves, followed by a selection of delicious cakes!

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Jake are I are not ones to stick to the rules and like to break traditions ever now and then if they don’t fit our style. We broke a few for our wedding, however we also love starting new family traditions and decided to make a few new ones for our Baby shower too! Firstly Jake has been so hands on and eager to celebrate our little baby and while we love tradition we also love some modern influence. Sooo... we decided to invite all our friends rather than just the lovely ladies! Both of us parents to be want to celebrate with the people we love regardless of age or gender.

Secondly we made sure that our guests knew that we did expect presents however suggested that if they would like too they could purchase their favourite childhood book. We got some great books and can’t wait to read them to baby! With sweetly written messages inside the cover which we will treasure forever!

We had the best afternoon celebrating this little baby!! Time has flown by and I still have a ton to get done but I’m getting more and more excited! Although life gets busy there’s not one day that passes that I don’t stop and think about how blessed I must be to feel such love. A huge thank you to our lovely friends that came and celebrated with us. We can’t wait to do it all over again with you and our little baby when we return to London next year!

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