Sunday 10 June 2018

Maternity desert shoot

While we were in Dubai we got together with Lianne from Dinky Heart Photography.  It’s always been a dream of mine to do a shoot in the desert, but wow what a location for a maternity shoot!  There were so many stunning photos I had a hard time narrowing down the photos, and you’ll see why!  I felt very blessed being able to capture this special time in our lives at such an amazing location.  We are now in the third trimester and it’s really starting to sink in that we will be parents very soon.  We are nearly at the finish line and so excited to meet our little man.  The last few weeks have been all about nesting and getting everything set up for him.  I have found myself feeling very emotional and starting to imagine our lives with him.

I also wanted to give a you all a second trimester update!  Can’t believe that we are already in the 3rd trimester!!  It’s so crazy I feel like just yesterday I was telling Jake he was going to be a daddy!  First of all the second trimester was a dream compared to the first trimester.  I felt a lot more like myself and had way more energy.  It’s been so much fun having a baby bump and seeing and feeling my body change.  The best part about the second trimester was I started to feel the baby move!  I still get little moments of "Oh my goodness I am pregnant with a human inside of me.”  I also love that Jake is able to feel him kick and see my belly move too.  He has made me feel so special and loved through this pregnancy.  I love that he loves to hold my belly, this has been my favourite part of it all.

How far along I am?  Today I am 32 weeks and baby is as big as a squash!

Second trimester symptoms: Itchiness!!  As my body changed and grew I became ridiculously itchy.  I found moisturizing was key and did this every morning and night to help.  I was still suffering from low iron and also low blood sugar, so dizziness was still a symptom which I had to monitor and watch closely.  I made sure I was eating more iron based foods along with taking pregnancy supplements.  Lastly not being able to sleep on my tummy anymore…I am still suffering from this but Hubby brought me a maternity pillow to try and help which it has, but it's just not the same and I find myself more restless at night.

Cravings: Still loads of fruit and sweet things,  Not much has changed there!  I’ve been picking up hot chocolates most mornings.  If there is cake in the near vicinity you can bet I'll find it!

These photos are so sweet and special and mean a lot to us.  It marks the end of one phase of our lives and the beginning of another.  We can’t wait to embark on this journey of parenthood.  Thank you Lianne for capturing these stunning photos!

I can’t believe we are nearly at the end now and soon we will have our sweet baby J&J here!

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