Thursday 18 October 2018

Loom Workshop baby wrap

While I was pregnant I was on the hunt for a baby wrap and nothing seemed to tick all my boxes. After receiving a baby gift from Loom Workshop I asked if they do baby wraps?! …..A collaboration of our dreams was born! 

I had been been on the hunt for an affordable baby wrap! I find that just like weddings, baby products also seem to just be that little bit more expensive! I had heard how great baby wraps are to use from birth for a cosy way to transition from womb to world! With a little bit more research I also found out that babywearing can…..improve reflux, mimics the womb, encourage bonding, reduce colic and reduce crying!

Announcing our very own limited edition J&J and Loom Workshop baby wraps are now available to buy! A beautiful earthy palette that is perfect for both Mum & Dad to wear and a natural breathable material which is perfect for babies. I love how Loom Workshop provide a simple, comfortable and natural design which is NZ MADE! Loom Workshop are also passionate about looking after the environment and all their packaging is recyclable. Seriously, could they be any better?!?

Babywearing is perfect for babies that don't like to be put down and keeps your hands free so you can get to all that washing that is pilling up! Arlo enjoys being part of everything we’re doing when he’s awake & loves to sleep on my chest. After nine months rolling about inside the womb he’s in his happy place clung to me and is quickly comforted often drifting off to sleep as I carry on with the busy life of a Mum! The best bit is with him all wrapped up he’s in the perfect position for planting 1000 extra kisses on that sweet little forehead! 

I hope you love the design as much as we do! If you know a Mum or a soon to be mama! This would make the perfect gift!

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