Tuesday 1 January 2019

The best of 2018 - Happy New Year

Traditionally, I do a little recap of the year thats been. This year our lives changed forever in the best way possible. We became a family of three and welcomed our sweet little Arlo into our lives. I feel so blessed to have become a mama to Arlo and I’m so excited for all the new memories we’ll create together as a family in 2019. So it only seemed appropriate to get some family photos together to celebrate this special time of year.

We learnt taking photos with a little baby can be a bit of a hit or miss. Making sure Arlo isn't hungry or tired was key! We have also learnt that Arlo loves looking up at trees and watching the leaves move in the wind so this was the perfect spot to take family photos. He was a little superstar and so alert the whole time we were shooting. We ended the shoot down at the beach at the golden hour, our favourite time of day and Arlo let us know when he had enough and it was time to go home. 

2018 was a massive year for us! I somehow managed to pull off one of the most epic surprises ever! Revealing to Jake he was about to become a daddy. We had our Babymoon in Marrakech and went Glamping in the desert in Morocco. We then had our baby shower with all our nearest and dearest before saying farewell to London for a whole year and moving back to New Zealand to be around family as we became a family of three. We also stopped in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on the way back home to New Zealand and, squeezing in a Maternity shoot in the desert! before getting settled back home and welcoming our little Arlo.

Yip, we did all that in a year!! Just crazy! 

I feel so thankful to my talented Mum who took these photos of us. Having her around has been such a blessing, becoming a mother myself has taught me just how much she loves me. She has done a lot for us as a family this year and has been so helpful while I learnt how to become a mother myself. She pretty much looked after me and the whole house, doing all the cleaning, dishes, shopping, laundry and cooking along with being a huge emotional support the past few months. This meant so much especially in those early, sleep-deprived, newborn days.

2018 has been the most channelling year and yet the best year of my life so far. I couldnt have done it without my husband! He is my rock. Marriage isn’t easy, especially when you add a little baby to the mix. Yet he always makes sure that I always feel loved and supported. Jake is always going above and beyond to provide and do the best for his family. He is so hands on with Arlo and helps out whenever he can from even doing the odd night feeds, singing to him, going for walks and playing with him so I can sneak off and shower. When he is home he cooks yummy dinners and brings me snacks when Arlo has been asleep on my chest, to even letting me have a sleep in once in a while! I love the way Arlo looks at his daddy, how his eyes light up and he gives him the biggest grin. They already share such a special bond. I don’t know what I’d do without him! I feel like we’re on an awe inspiring journey with our beautiful baby boy and it’s pretty exciting.

Looking forward to 2019 and continuing to document our memories and share our adventures with you all x

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