Sunday 23 June 2019

Mountain top vow renewal Queenstown

Are you ready for an overdose of love and never ending romance in picturesque surroundings? Then settle in tight, because we’ve got something truly special to share today! This year was our fifth wedding anniversary and we decided to celebrate with an epic mountain top vow renewal in Queenstown!

Can we just take a moment because HOLYYYY MOLLLEY, THESE PHOTOS!! I’m actually kinda yelling, but talk about taking dreaminess to a whole new level! Michelle and James from Patina Photography captured these special moments perfectly!

We really wanted to do something different, memorable and romantic and nothing screamed more romantic than standing on the edge of a mountain peak, with sweeping panoramas of high mountains and alpine lakes as we shared our love for each other. It was the perfect setting to appreciate life and look back on all the memories we have had over the past five years.

The time we spent in the helicopter flying to our location was breathtaking and a ‘real pinch me now’ moment! Our views were just like being part of an Ansel Adams photograph, it was hard to believe it was real! We flew with Heliworks who worked closely with us to create our own unique, serene ceremony and provided us with the perfect backdrop for photos and the perfect place to exchange new vows and start a new chapter in our marriage. 

For any married couple, it’s easy to get swept away in the minutiae of life, the cycle of laundry, dishes, going to work and coming home again. It's no secret that I love remarrying my husband over and over again having modelled for many wedding styled shoots. But this was super important to us to hit the pause button and take a look back at our life, marriage and family. Doing a vow renewal literally re-dedicates you to each other, saying “Hey, I’m still madly in love with you and I’m in this for the long haul.” Of course our greatest achievement in the past five years has been becoming parents to Arlo, so to have him there made it even more emotional and joyful at the same time. 

If you are married, I would encourage you to think about renewing your vows. It is romantic and a wonderful way to celebrate your life for one another! If you think that you fell in love with your spouse on your wedding day, then picture how much different/better it is five years later. You get to relive that moment, appreciate and cherish the love you have for each other, but…without any of the stress!!

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