Sunday 16 June 2019

The moments I don't want to forget

When I was growing up, my parents always made a big deal about birthdays, special events and holidays. This always involved multiple celebrations, many traditions, and of course surprises and presents. A childhood full of memorable moments for me to tuck away in my memory bank. I think celebrating milestones with your kids are so important as it helps them prioritise what's truly important in life. It provides a special bond between you and your child as you celebrate the significance of life's journey together.

So when our fifth wedding anniversary was coming up I knew I wanted to do something big to celebrate! Our wedding anniversary has always been a special day of the year for Jake and I. Every year we reminisce and look at where we are now, what we've learnt, the places we have explored, the memories we have made and the many things that we have celebrated over this time. Of course, nothing could top becoming parents to our sweet Arlo! I hope in 40 years’ time, we are still looking forward to celebrating these occasions surrounded by our children and grandchildren.

We decided to mark this special occasion with an epic mountain top vow renewal in Queenstown! More about that to come, but first it was time to get ready as a family. We were so happy to have our friends and photographers Michelle and James from Patina Photography there to capture these moments. Especially since we also used this time to enjoy a holiday together in Queenstown. We had so much fun hanging with these guys and loved sharing this special moment with them which they captured perfectly! It's the little things that I love the most in these photos, the way Arlo holds Jake's neck, pulling his little hands through his jumper and his sweet frown as he sits in the sun. It’s these precious moments that I never want to forget…

Remember when the best part of going out was getting ready with your friends? You would borrow each other’s clothes and then help do each other’s hair and makeup while the music was playing and drinking cheap bubbles. And then suddenly it's your wedding day…you've got your closest friends and family right by your side, sharing those memories over champagne while having professionals there ensuring you look your best before you become a wife to the man you love. 

And now five years on…we are celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary! I didn't expect to get those warm excited butterflies in my tummy that I got on my wedding day. When I woke up, the first thing I saw was my wonderful husband and my beautiful son…and I started to get those exact same fuzzy feelings! It was a very special moment waking together as a family and enjoying that warm glow of happiness. We started off the day with a walk around Moke Lake. It was the perfect way to start the day. Then it was back home to get showered and ready. When we arrived home we both took some time to write our new vows while Arlo explored his surroundings and vied for our attention. Then it was time to get changed into our best....and a quick bottle for Arlo before departing.

Make sure you join us for the next blog post where we share some of those unforgettable images of our fifth wedding anniversary

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