Friday 30 August 2019

Arlo's Room

This is my favourite room in our house. I always feel a sense of joy and comfort every time I enter it. For the colour palette, we stuck to neutral colours of white, grey and blue with a splash of red. The red was inspired by the beautiful personalised artwork of a London double decker bus which has Arlo's birth details on it. This was kindly gifted to us by a friend. It makes me so happy every time I look at it as it brings a little bit of London into his room. Kid’s stuff are just the cutest right? I love adding pieces to Arlo's room and also think kids just have the coolest clothes. His wardrobe is nearly bigger than mine! 

We love his Montessori house bed. We actually never used or brought a cot for Arlo. The first six months, we used a Snuzpod in our bedroom along with a Sleepyhead pod to co-sleep safely with him. I previously shared these two items on my “Favourite Baby Products” blog post. There are so many reasons we love the house bed. One of the many worries you have as a parent is of your child rolling out of bed. This is something you don’t have to stress about with a house bed! Haven't you ever wished you could climb into your babies cot and cuddle them? With a house bed, you can! This bed is big enough to crawl in with them and cuddle them until they’re fast asleep. What we love the most is that Arlo has the freedom of movement, and can move independently around his carefully considered child proof room. This is why we ultimately decided not to use a cot because we felt it restricted movement and limited his independence. Instead of crying from their cot, or becoming upset because they can’t get down from their bed, the house bed enables them to explore and embrace their individuality. Arlo has the biggest grin on his face when he crawls out of his house bed and comes to find me in the living room or our bedroom.

We brought the shelves from Ikea. It was perfect for putting all his books and toys on. We also brought the chair from Ikea and Jake purchased the rockers from Esty and connected them to the legs to make it a rocking chair! This soon became a favourite spot to read Arlo his bedtime stories. We converted his draws into a changing station by purchasing a changing basket from Olliella and finishing it off with a sheepskin rug.

Arlo adores his room and I often find him in there playing with his toys. He loves to pull books off his shelves and go through them looking at the pictures. I feel like this room encapsulates his personality, a place for happy dreams and joyful play, but most of all, a space all his own that he feels safe in. 

Below is a list of items we brought for Arlo’s room along with the links. If you have any feedback, questions, or if I missed anything, please ask away.

Room details

Chair - Ikea 

Rockers - Esty

House bed - Esty

Mattress - Ikea 

Shelving - Ikea

Rug - Kmart

Finer Details

Door sign - Peg Creative

Changing basket - Olliella

Grey storage boxes - Ikea

Storage baskets - Next 

Cloud pillows - Esty 

Duvet and Pillow set - Snuz

Bed bumpers - Esty

Bunting - Esty

Night light cloud - Kmart

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