Saturday 19 February 2022


Feeling a little bit more...hungrier, fuller, bigger, tired and emotional these days…It can only mean one thing!! Our family is GROWING! It feels like such a relief to finally be able to share this news with you all. I feel like I’ve been holding onto such a big secret that I can now let out. Pregnancy after loss is hard at times. When the chance to grow your family feels like it's been stripped from you, you can't help but feel so blessed to have this chance at a little rainbow baby. I've been a little bit more nervous and on edge this time around. However, we have reached a point in our pregnancy that we are happy to announce. We feel so unbelievably lucky and blessed that we were able to get pregnant again. We always dreamed of having two children … maybe even three! We will see if I can convince myself again LOL! 

Jake, Arlo and I are so excited for the newest little addition that will be coming in August 2022! 

To anyone out there, who is trying for a baby and is having a bit of a tough go, please know that we’re sending all of our positive vibes your way and we’re praying for you as we know that this doesn’t come easy to everyone. This journey has made me so much more compassionate for people struggling with fertility. I was always compassionate but it's not until you go through it yourself that you truly start to understand. Sharing our story about my miscarriage made me connect with so many others that have been through it. For those that are hurting, I see you.

We also struggled getting pregnant again. Each month we got a negative test my heart just sank. I stopped taking them and decided to get some help and went to see Bex from Seed Fertility in Greytown, and thankfully here we are with a pēpi on the way.

We can’t wait to find out if we’re going to be having another boy or a little girl…I know I’m going to be a blubbering mess, either way! I think it would be so cool to watch Arlo grow up with a little bro but then again, it would be so exciting to have a little girl in our home and to watch Arlo take care of his little sister. Either way, I’m just so grateful to have this opportunity again. 

Gender aside, I’m actually more curious to see what it’s going to be like living in a household with TWO children!! Obviously, I know there are so many families out there that have two or more children but I already find it to be so busy with just one. I can’t imagine how things will become busier! The thought of having two kids feels a little surreal at the moment but it’s something that we’re all so excited about. We've been telling Arlo there's a baby in my tummy and he's been pointing to my belly and even giving it kisses. It is the sweetest thing! While I’m so nervous about this change from one child to two, and what it will be like for Arlo, I know it’s going to be so wonderful for him to have a sibling. Of course it may take some time for him to adjust to no longer being the only child, but I just can’t wait to see them together!

I’m sure most of you are wondering how I’ve been holding up lately and my symptoms have been nearly the same as last time, sore boobs, extreme fatigue which let me tell you is hard when you have a toddler to chase around! However, this time around I've had morning sickness! I didn't experience this with Arlo so it really rocked me. Sometimes I just have to take things extra slow. But now that I've passed my first trimester I am feeling A LOT better which I'm so thankful for.

I can’t wait to share this new journey of ours with you!! I am just so unbelievably grateful that I’ve shared so many important life moments on the blog with you all. Being a blogger has made me a pretty good virtual scrapbooker! I love that I can look back at so many photos and thoughts I shared during my last pregnancy. These were some of my favourite posts:


Gender reveal: 

Baby shower:


Maternity photos:

Introducing Arlo:

Looking forward to sharing more as we embark on this new and exciting adventure!

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