Sunday 3 April 2022

We're having a.....

We are so excited to tell you that we are expecting a little girl! I would have been over the moon either way but I'm so excited to be a girl mumma and have already brought a few girl clothes over the past few days. Let’s be honest I will probably never buy myself anything again because why are baby girls clothes so damn cute!! She’s going to be taking the whole clothing budget! 21 weeks of growing her, over half way there. It’s my second time nurturing another little human and this time I'm feeling wiser, more confident and empowered in my decisions for this pregnancy and birth and so excited to have a daughter on the way.

So did you think BOY or GIRL? Everyone keeps asking did you and Jake think it was a girl or boy? Truth be told, Jake thought it was a girl the whole time however I really had no idea, I was just hoping for a happy, healthy little rainbow baby. Truth be told I had an easy pregnancy with Arlo however after experiencing a misscarridge this time around I have been so anxious. To help with my mental health we had a couple extra scans at the beginning just to make sure everything was ok and to give me reassurance. Last time I we did a big gender reveal and got the scanogrpher to write what we were having on a card and put it in a envelope which was given to our photographer who captured our reactions when we let of a smoke bomb to find out.

However this time around I was more concerned about the health and growth and decided to find out then and there what we were having. She announced it was a little girl and the tears rolled down my face. A GIRL! A little healthy girl. We decided to venture to our favourite spot, our happy place Castlepoint and have a little gender reveal for Arlo to find out he was going to have a little sister! Where we let of a pink smoke bomb as a family. We are so excited to grow our family and welcome this little girl into our lives.

I also wanted to share something a bit special on the blog, I’ve never shared this publicly before, however this just shows us that our tīpuna (ancestors, grandparents) are always watching us, protecting us and helping us. My dad, Paul passed away 3 and a half years ago. The night that his soul went to heaven was the night Arlo’s soul arrived. It wasn't until a few months after his funeral that I did the calculations and I realised that Arlo was conceived on the night Dad died. I’ve always thought that Arlo was his final gift to us as it was our first time trying for a baby and we fell pregnant straight away, it wasn't luck, it was Dad. When he was born with blonde hair I also couldn’t help but giggle because even though Paul was my Dad he isn't my biological father he also had blonde hair. He taught me that blood relatives don't mean that they are family. It’s about who is there for you, supports you and loves you that makes you family. I also have a good relationship with my real father too, I guess I'm just lucky in the fact that I have two dads.

This time around though we were really struggling to get pregnant, it just wasn't happening. One night I had one of those dreams, you know the ones where they are just so real. In my dream Mum was standing there giggling as someone was hiding behind her…and then Dad jumped out from behind her and ran up to me and gave me one of his hugs. If you knew my Dad you would know just how good his hugs were. As he picked me up I felt the tears roll down my face. I had missed him, I had missed feeling his hugs. I could feel his arms around me and his hands clutching me. I woke up in tears. It was such a powerful dream I could still feel him. Later that month I found out I was pregnant and here I am with his granddaughter in my puku (tummy).

So now I believe he helped both my babies into this world and I know he will continue to look over them and protect them.

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