Friday 8 July 2022

Hospital Bag

I can’t believe we’re already packing a hospital bag! Feeling like this pregnancy flew by. We’re soaking up these last few weeks before welcoming our daughter into our arms. I thrive on being organised and like to have my hospital bag packed well in advance. Because, let's face it there is not a lot in your control around pregnancy and birth but, having my bags packed makes me feel a little more in control and ready.

As a second time around mum, I feel like I know exactly what I will need as I learnt from last time what was practical and useful. I have mainly included the essentials, but also some items that I wish I had packed the first-time round. I have also had a lot of recommendations from other mums. If you're pregnant I really hope this post gives all you mums-to-be some inspiration, as it can be hard to know where to start and there is a lot of information out there on what you won’t/will need to take with you.


My first recommendation would be to pack everything into a bag with wheels, this way you can just wheel all your essentials in with you. I know first-hand how amazing Storksak’s baby bag range is having been gifted and sent the Poppy Scuba bag for Arlo. However, they also have an amazing travel and hospital range! I went with their Storksak’s Cabin Carry-On Grey for a multiple of reasons. Firstly, there’s no need to carry multiple heavy bags into the hospital. Everything I need is in this wheeled travel bag. Not only does it come with so much space, it also has a detachable organising system which also has a hanging organiser inside. It comes with a packing block that perfectly fits into one of the shelves, perfect for smaller items like socks and underwear. The ideal hospital bag that can be used as a travel bag in the future. It also has a matching baby bag that you can easily slip onto the handle which I have used to pack everything into for our baby girl. 

For Baby:

I purchased Timber Tinkers - Hospital Bag Organisers to use in our baby bag so everything is organised and easy to grab when we need them, along with a Bronte wet bag which is great for storing nappies and wipes into.

First outfit - Something snuggly and warm to make them feel cosy and safe. I got this newborn outfit from Nature Baby I find there clothing super soft and warm. It also has matching booties and scratch mittens. 

Spare clothes - I’m taking a couple newborn onesies along with a couple sleeping gowns from Nature Baby which are designed especially for newborns and easy nappy changes

Going home outfit - Something cute and warm to take them home in

Birth Announcement - We haven't decided when we will be announcing her arrival but want to be prepared so will take her outfit with us to the hospital. However, we may wait until we are home.


  • Swaddles - Perfect for wrapping them up in. I adore the Aho Creative range
  • Booties 
  • Scratch mittens

  • Pacifiers 
  • Haakaa pacifier holder
  • Bibs or burp cloths
  • Muka Pito (umbilical cord) Tie - They make a great natural alternative to conventional cord clamps. They are easy to use, and they are soft on babies' skin and don't get tangled up in nappies and clothing. Muka is also renowned for its antibacterial properties, and because of this the Pito heals very fast. I purchased mine from Aotearoa Gemstones which is where I also got Arlo’s from.

Bronte wet bag which is great for storing nappies and wipes into.

Car Seat – For home time! We use a Nuna Pipa which is perfect as it can be clipped in the pram and car without having to disturb baby's sleep.

For Mama: 

Comfy going home outfit - The perfect comfy going home outfit has to be from The Mum Uniform. They have a great range of comfy lush feeling sweats. This is definitely going to be my go-to mum uniform when running errands and chasing after my two little ones

Slippers and robe - To keep you warm while walking around the ward


  • Chapstick - The hospital air is so dry so pack to avoid dry lips
  • General - body wash, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Hairbrush & hair ties
  • Odourless deodorant - Babies love the natural scent of their parents so it's best to use unscented deodorant
  • Skin care & makeup

Nighties/pyjamas - Ones that button up so you can easily breastfeed. Cotton On have a great range

Packing block filled with extra smaller items:
  • Maternity Bras 
  • Big comfy underwear
  • Socks
  • Breast pads or reusable breast pads 

Birth & Recovery items:

  • Birth plan and maternity notes
  • Maternity pads
  • Disposable underwear
  • Water bottle
  • Swimwear if planning waterbirth
  • Belly wrap if planning C-section
  • Laundry bag. You will go through lots of underwear and baby clothes so having an extra bag to put your dirty laundry in is important

  • Your phone - Must have if you want to text friends and family, or distract yourself by playing games or listening to music
  • Phone charger - Extra-long charger cords are the best (so it can reach your bed)
  • Camera - Capture some of those first few moments with your newborn


Okay, for me this is a must! I’m all about the food and plus it's good to have snacks as you're always starving after birth and this way you have something to snack on between hospital meals. I got the Montii Insulated Cooler Bag from Kids in the Kitchen to put all of my snacks into. I also got the pink Montii drink bottle which fits perfectly into the side of my baby bag.

Here are the snacks I’m packing:

  • Tasti berry cashew & cacao smooshed wholefood balls
  • Graze skinny dipped berry dusted chocolate almonds
  • Annies fruit bars
  • Nibblish gently baked strawberries
  • Raspberry and white chocolate bumper bars
  • Bitemeat biltong
  • Vitamin water 


I had a tough go of trying to breastfeed with my first so this time I am taking a portable UV steriliser full of breastfeeding and bottle feeding options so I can feel prepared. One thing that I have learned from my experience is breastfeeding, bottle feeding, tube feeding, mixed feeding? It doesn't matter, as long as you're feeding your baby with love. Here's what I'm packing to help me on my journey this time around. These are not must have items for a typical hospital bag but I've added them for any other mums out there that may find this useful.

For Partner:

Whether your birthing partner is your husband, mum or best friend, they will also need supplies.
  • Comfortable shoes – there will be a lot of pacing the room and hallways
  • Swimwear to join you in the shower or birth pool
  • Phone & charger
  • Change of clothes
  • Entertainment – books, laptop etc. Birth can go for a long time!

This is my own creativity, content and images however some of these brands were gifted. As always, all views and opinions are my own.

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