Wednesday 8 June 2022

J&J Northland


It was time to hit the road again! Heading further North we made our way to Rainbow Falls, a bit of paradise tucked away just outside Kirikiri. A spectacular 27m waterfall is only a short walk, so great for kids. The spray of the waterfall creates a wonderful rainbow hence the name Rainbow Falls.

We stopped at the famous Mangonui fish and chip shop for lunch where you can eat locally caught fish by local fisherman while the ocean waves roll under your feet.

That evening we parked up at Tapotupotu Beach, a freedom camping Doc site which is New Zealand's most northern campsite and situated right next to the beach with a stunning white sand right on your doorstep. We got a spot nestled amongst the trees and relaxed in this slice of northern paradise. It also had an inlet, providing a perfect little spot for kids to safely swim. I could barely get Arlo’s clothes off him fast enough before he was in the water. The water was beautiful and warm and Arlo happily splashed about for ages.

The other best thing about this campsite is that Cape Reinga lighthouse is only five minutes away meaning that we could get up early and pretty much have the place to ourselves! We fell asleep to the sound of the waves excited for tomorrow's adventures!

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