Wednesday 20 July 2022

J&J Baby Sprinkle

We decided this time around we wanted to have a more intimate event with those closest to us. Instead of a traditional big baby shower, we decided to have a sprinkle staycation instead!

We invited a small selection of our friends that are more like family to us to come and spend the weekend at Stony Bay Lodge. The Stony Bay Lodge is a big holiday house out the back of Martinborough on the Tora Coast overlooking the ocean. This worked out perfectly as it meant that our friends that don't live in the Wairarapa could come and make a weekend of it with us!

Providing the perfect place for a group celebration, it had an enormous living area and a huge fireplace to keep us all warm. This spacious house was children friendly and an ideal place to have kids. The Lodge had four cosy comfortable bedrooms which meant everyone had their own space to relax.

We kicked off the sprinkle celebrations by creating a grazing table for everyone to enjoy. Like the name suggests, it’s a table for grazing! It’s like a buffet, but it’s been designed to make it visually appealing and easy for guests to pick and nibble at food. 

I picked up a few of my favourite things to eat here in the Wairarapa to add to the table including sweets and pastries from Clareville Bakery along with a delicious cake from Cake Lab. I decorated the table with dried flowers from Purple Dahlia which was also used to decorate the cake. As you can see it was a real labour of love and I had so much fun putting this together.

Jake also made yummy mocktails for everyone to enjoy. He made this with raspberry and lemon six barrel syrup and soda water along with adding some fresh mint and raspberries served in a glass drink dispenser with ice. It was delicious!

When your cake matches your dress!

There was loads of time to relax, take in the views, go out and explore the seal colony and rock pools which was only a five minute walk away. Tora Coast is also known for its diving so Jake managed to jump in the ocean to catch us some kaimoana during our stay.

In the evening we all enjoyed a shared potluck dinner and then relaxed in front of the fireplace. This was a great way to end the day, chatting and laughing. It was also the perfect place to take some time out and curl up with a book and a cup of tea or glass of wine. 

I brought along some toys and equipment for the kids to enjoy during our stay. The lodge also had a great selection of board games too.

It truly was the perfect weekend and just what we wanted...a more quieter, intimate celebration enjoying our friend's company before our little girl arrives and makes us a family of four.

We loved staying just meters from the sea and Tora is known for its amazing views of the coastline.

Soon I'll have two little ones to hold in my arms!

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