Sunday 18 June 2023

And then there were FOUR!

Life has been jam packed since having little Belle! I’m so glad that we managed to take some time out for some new family photos with Light By Nika. I'm always so passionate about taking family photos especially because children just grow so damn quickly! They are constantly changing and I'm forever trying to slow down and take it all in and capture the moment. One of my favourite things is looking back at photos and remembering those captured magical moments. If you've ever been to my house the walls are covered in memories close to my heart.

We also needed to update our family photos in our entryway at home which we have along with our pepeha so that when people enter our home, our manuhiri (guests) can see our whakapapa and where we are from. I’ve just ordered Belle her pepeha and can’t wait to redo our entryway with these updated photos. I’m so happy with how they turned out that I thought I would share them on the blog too. Nika did such a great job at capturing our whanau. She was so patient with the kids and managed to get some great shots. If you're looking to get some family photos done in the Wairarapa, then she’s your girl!

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