Monday 10 July 2023

Paris ~ Part two

With umbrellas in hand the next day we made our way to Montmartre, a lovely area of Paris perched up on a hill. This neighbourhood looks like a village within the capital city. It’s one of the most charming areas of Paris and it’s full of photogenic corners. Rue de l’Abreuvior is the prettiest street in Paris. Here you will also find La Maison Rose, one of the most iconic spots of Montmartre and one of the prettiest cafes in Paris with its pink walls and green shutters.

Then we went to Sacré Coeur. It's my favourite church because it looks so unique. It's based on the highest point of the city which allows for beautiful views over Paris.

We decided to have a look at Petit Palais, a beautiful museum since it was so close to Alexander bridge and to get out of the rain for a bit. I have walked past many times and can't believe it's taken me so long to visit this beauty. The best part is that this museum is free to enter. The art in this museum is beautiful and there is an elegant garden cafe which offers a tranquil, hidden escape from the urban bustle where you can relax and have a snack from the café. It is Parisian living at its finest and the perfect spot for Belle to have a nap.

We also made a stop at my favourite bridge in Paris, Pont Alexandre III bridge with its lavish lamps, and outstanding views of the nearby Eiffel Tower.

That evening we went to an authentic french restaurant called Bistrot Richelieu that is well known for doing Duck confit, my favourite french dish, but here you will find all the french classics. We also got their onion soup which came highly recommended and of course you can’t come to Paris without trying Escargots (snails). Everything was delicious, great service, full of locals eating and just really classic French food. It was also conveniently located within walking distance from the Louvre, the opera and our accommodation. It was the perfect way to end our very first day in Paris!

It wouldn’t be a tour of Paris without a visit to Trocadéro Square, and the best time to catch this corner of the city is at dawn. My number one tip when travelling is to get up early and visit the really popular tourist attractions before all the crowds. Travelling with a baby that wakes up early sometimes has its perks. You can soak in the stillness of this landmark location before it rouses and take postcard-worthy snaps of the Eiffel Tour sans pesky photo bombers. Tracadero is magical in the early morning light and the best place with views of the Eiffel Tower. Standing here with my Mum and daughter, 3 generations was a special moment.

We made our way to one of the most Iconic places to eat in Paris. Café de Flore is perhaps one of the most famous and oldest in Paris, it's impossible not to have ever seen a photo of it around with its iconic green colour terrace and round tables. Chicness aside, I go to Café de Flore for the eggs. They have a special menu dedicated to eggs. Any time of day, you can order one of their egg dishes, like a bright yellow omelette or gently scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. I was here for one dish in particular their soft-boiled eggs with soldiers and sweet butter which did not disappoint. I also ordered one of their famous hot chocolates. One thing is certain if you wish to experience old-school Paris ambiance, then you should have breakfast at Café de Flore.

Best part is that the cafe is located only a few steps from the Luxembourg Garden, my favourite park in Paris! Gosh you could spend hours in this park, it is like literally walking in a fairy tale book! Watching the locals come here to play a game of chess and pétanque. Children riding the carousels and renting colourful sailboats and sending them sailing in the pond. 

One of the true gems of the Luxembourg Gardens, however, is not as frequently visited is the stunning Medici Fountain, one of the most beautiful fountains in Paris. But it's off-to-the-side location in a somewhat secluded nook of the park and the fact that it can be difficult to spot through the grove of tall trees surrounding it means that many park visitors inadvertently miss it. But that also means that you can find that you have the fountain all to yourself! One of my absolute favourite spots in the whole of Paris.

We finished our Paris trip on a high and booked a dinner boat cruise on the Seine. I’ve done a boat cruise every time I’ve visited Paris, It’s a great way to see the city. But this was even better being able to see attractions all while enjoying a 3-course dinner and drinks. We had a great table with comfortable armchairs facing one of the boat's windows, and watched as sights like the Louvre, Place de la Concorde, and Eiffel Tower drift by. 

I’ve been up the Eiffel Tower a few times however I prefer to be able to do a boat cruise and actual enjoy looking at the Eiffel Tower, best but of this boat cruise is that at the end of the evening you get to enjoy looking at the Eiffel Tower all lit up at night. The perfect way to finish our time in Paris!

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