Wednesday 20 November 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Let's hear it for the boys!

Let’s hear it for the boys! 

The Carlson boys needed some suit swag and I found the perfect company to help them. 

French83 are a professional online tailor-made menswear company. I met them at the Wellington Wedding Show this year and I knew they would be the perfect company for Jake and his best man to use. Jake knew what he was after but was having a hard time finding it. We found a picture of the look he wanted to go for and French83 said they would be able to do it. They can basically do anything, which is perfect if you want to get something a bit more unique which is specially designed to match your style and taste. 

French83 do a fitting service where they will come around to your house and take your measurements for you. It’s a special day and I think having a suit especially made for you for your wedding day is something that every groom should do. French 83 do everything from work suits to formal suits. So all the boys had to do was relax at home and wait for French83 to come and measure them up and do all the hard work. Quick and painless! All we have to do now is wait for the suits to arrive straight to our door! 

French83 also provide a service where they will do a garment trial which insures absolute accuracy before the garment is made in the material you choose. Jake and Isaac’s trial garments arrived super fast! Here's a couple pictures below. Looking forward to seeing the suits when they arrive. 

Of course Jake’s suit is under wraps until the big day so you will have to wait to see it. If you need some suit inspiration here is an inspiration board to give you some idea’s. 

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  1. I love these looks for guys, so much better than the basic black. Also you must feel so much better knowing the garmet will be 100% perfect before its made.