Monday 12 February 2024

Osaka ~ Japan

Next stop in Japan was Osaka, otherwise known as “Japan’s Kitchen”. Osaka is a city filled with street markets, food experiences and restaurants galore, all of which make it a great destination, especially if you happen to be foodies like us!

Tuesday 16 January 2024



It's that time of year where I share a little round up of the year that was. We also use this time of year to do some family photos. I adore looking back over the years and looking at photos we take to see how much the family has grown. This year we headed down to Henley Lake park here in the Wairarapa, and found a cute little spot under the trees. It's a great park where you can take a walk, feed the ducks or even take a picnic.

Saturday 25 November 2023

Kyoto ~ Japan

Early in the morning we caught the Hikari Bullet Train to Kyoto.  Kyoto is like Japan in perfection. No other place on our entire journey through Japan made us feel as immersed in Japanese culture as Kyoto. You can be sure that a trip to Kyoto will result in days of being amazed by geishas and gardens, temples and shrines, history and tradition.