Hello, my name is Jessie. Welcome to my blog! I'm a 30 something, born and raised in New Zealand. I blog about the life that my Husband, Jake and I share. Not only are we partners in life, but we also work hand in hand as he is the one behind the camera capturing the moments you see. Capturing moments and documenting them is one of our favourite things to do.

I started this blog as a creative outlet and online diary for planning our wedding. If you're interested in more from our wedding day, I shared our special day in five different sections Getting Ready, First Look, Bridal Party, Ceremony, Reception and Details. Then there's this post here about our one year anniversary photo session in Paris. After spending 5 years in London and doing a lot of travel around the world which you can see here. We found out we were expecting and decided it was time to move home to New Zealand. 

We welcomed a little boy named Arlo and now live in the Wairarapa here in New Zealand where we continue to share all our family adventures. Cant wait to take you along with us on our next one. 

Thank you for following along x

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