Thursday 3 December 2015

Skate at Somerset House with Fortnum & Mason

You know Christmas is coming when Somerset House turns into an ice rink! Jake and I headed down to check out London's finest Christmas ice rink in all of its twinkling glory! Somerset House is located minutes from Covent Garden and is a neoclassical wonder of the 18th Century and full time home to one of London's greatest art collections. 

As soon as we entered the beautifully-lit courtyard, we were greeted with an enormous (60ft!) Christmas tree overlooking the ice rink which was decorated none other than with Fortnum & Mason hamper baskets it had me wanting to climb up the tree just so I could take one home with me! They even had traditional Christmas numbers playing to get everyone in the mood, I literally couldn't wait to get my skates on! We had booked tickets well in advance for a Tuesday Evening where they offer Tuesday Treats when skaters and spectators can enjoy seasonal food, drink and music plus late-night shopping experiences in the arcade.

I'm sure they won't mind if one Fortnum & Mason hamper goes missing..... 

It was time to hit the Ice, it had been a few years since we had ice skated but like everything else, Jake managed to make it look like it was just yesterday. As for me I just concentrated on remaining upright! Jake managed to pull me away form the edge and soon we were gliding around the rink like a couple of pros from Dancing on Ice…aka Jake don't let go of my hand or let me fall! 

I told jake to quickly take a photo when I let go of the edge. I pretty much had to hold his hand or the edge the whole time, however I'm just happy I didn't fall over!

Time to warm up! We headed inside The Christmas Arcade which Fortnum & Mason was hosting special workshops and tastings. This is where visitors can sample delicious food and drink whilst of course picking up your new Fortnum & Mason Christmas tree decoration!

If you get the chance to go to Somerset House before the 11th January, then do. It's a wonderful experience, and even if you don't like to skate, go and see the tree, drink some champagne and watch the ice skaters whizzing past (and falling over!)

What I'm wearing: Vest // Jumper // Jeans // Gloves


  1. Aww this looks so beautiful. I'm looking forward to one day experiencing a white christmas just like in the movies!

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