Tuesday 22 March 2016

Happy International Macaron Day!

What to know where to buy the best macarons in London?! Pierre Herme!!! According to Vogue, Pierre Herme is "The Picasso of Pastry" He has stores in France, Japan and lucky for me, London! I always find myself making a stop to it's boutique store in Soho. As I have made it my life's mission to sample one of each and every of their unique flavours! 

I was lucky enough to experience my first Pierre Herme macaron while visiting Paris last year. I was literally lost for words after my first bite. The light crisp shell gives way to a smooth, delicate cream filling which is fulled with flavour. I am a die hard macaroon lover and I have to say these are the best I have ever tasted!

With Easter weekend just around the corner I couldn't think of a better time to go and pick up some sweet goodness! If you wonder into any Pierre Herme boutiques over the weekend of March 20 - 22 they are donating a percentage of their profits to Cystic Fibrosis Trust. That's right not only can you indulge in sugar goodness it's also for a good cause! They have a huge range of macaroons, but also chocolates, confectionery, jams, teas, cakes and even scented candles.

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