Friday 20 April 2018

Love Pink?

It's no secret that my favorite colour is pink! So today on the blog I thought I would share with you all my favorite must visit pink locations in London!

Peggy Porschen, the London's prettiest cake shop in London! It's not hard to miss with it's signature pink exterior. This is the perfect setting for bloggers, fashion and food addicts! Once inside you can find an array of layered cakes, freshly baked cupcakes, a lovely blend of teas and a range of other hot drinks. Pastel colours are the bespoke cakes brand signature and everything in there is cute and feminine.

Fourteen Trevor Square knightsbridge aka Barbie's house! How adorable is this house, honestly I think it's every girly girls dream London home. It's also situated close by Harrods which is the perfect place to grab a cute pink snap after shopping up at storm!

You can also find this super cute insta-famous pink café in Knightsbridge called Elan Café. Not only will you walk into a pink filled heaven but they have an amazing brunch menu which is just a Instagram worthy along with their cakes here are super delicious!

Sketch will make you feel like you are Alice in Wonderland! As soon as you enter through its pink doors your feel like you've down the rabbit hole into pink land! The ceilings are high and it has a beautiful plush pink art deco feel. The perfect place for a fancy afternoon tea! Oh and a trip to the bathrooms at Sketch are a must even if nature isn't calling. I'm not even kidding, the toilets in Sketch are legendary! It's the kind of bathroom that you just have to take a selfie in!

If your a pink lover like I am these places are a must visit! I would love to know if there are any more pink locations that you would recommend?

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