Monday 8 April 2024

Letter to my second daughter


Dear baby girl #2!

Gosh we are all so excited to meet you. Your big brother Arlo, keeps asking if we are going to cut you out today. Which always makes me giggle the way he says it. He’s impatient to meet you, and he knows Mum has to go to hospital and have surgery to get you out of my tummy.

I’m so excited to add you to our little girl gang. I was secretly hoping you would be a girl. I feel like you and your sister Belle are going to be the best of friends growing up together.

I myself am so excited to see you face to face, to look into your eyes and hold you against my skin. I love the newborn stage and can't wait to soak up all that newborn goodness in those first few days, as we get to know each other. I feel like I already know you a little bit as you've been growing in my puku. It’s been such a blessing to feel you grow inside me. I already know you will probably be my most active child with all the movements and kicks you've been giving me. I can only imagine how beautiful you will be, and I can’t wait to get to know your likes and dislikes, your temperament and personality.

Your Dad is so talented and took these photos of you growing in my puku at his favorite place in the world. With the beach all to ourselves on his whenua. These photos made me feel like a strong wahine, the water was cold, yet invigorating. It is empowering and beautiful to be hapu. The way your body changes and the strength it takes to grow a tiny human is worth capturing. As you can tell by these photos your Dad and I had so much fun taking these together. There was lots of laughter and I was completely soaked by the end of it.

There are also things I want you to know about us and who we are as your family. You will come into a family with so much love. Your Dad is the best man you will ever know and his hands and arms will be there to protect you, be strong for you, and hold you gently whenever you need.

Your sister Belle is vibrant with a huge heart and a feisty spirit. She can’t wait for you to sit in her lap. She will be there to guide you and also challenge you and the two of you will learn how to navigate life as you learn to interact with one another. Your big brother Arlo is gentle and kind. I know he’ll always keep an eye on his two little sisters and be there to help you both.

Then there is me. You and your siblings are my world! I know I will make mistakes, I will have good days and bad, and you will likely see me at my worst, but you, sweet girl, will be a major part of what inspires me to be my best.

Love forever and a day with every inch of our hearts x


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