Monday 1 April 2024

J&J Babymoon & Sprinkle

We had the ultimate weekend celebrating not only our Babymoon but also our Baby Sprinkle in the same weekend! We booked The Shearer's Shed through Canopy Escapes which is a converted wool-shed that is rustic, stylish, and perfect for families or friends.

Talking about friends, we also decided that Babymoons aren't just for couples! A Babymoon is typically when you take a trip somewhere with your husband before the baby arrives. But what about taking a Babymoon with your best friends, who don't mind if you head to bed at 9pm!

Our beautiful friends Rachel and Sam and our god daughter Lily stayed with us during this event. We've become so close over the years that we've turned into family more than friends. We are both busy sets of parents to young children. We don't get to hang out as much as we would like to as they live over the hill in Wellington. So, we decided to invite them along to celebrate, unwind and spend some time together.

Ready to take a look around with us?

Behind two large sliding timber doors, you'll find a large spacious lounge area with comfy leather couches.

There is a fully equipped kitchen that has a large island, that is the centre hub of the wool-shed.

The wool-shed has three bedrooms each with a king-sized bed. There is one ensuite, a main bathroom, and even an outdoor shower!

We loved how family friendly the place was. It even had a little children's desk filled with chalk, blackboard, books and toys.

Did a mention theres a pool room?!

Out on the deck you'll find the BBQ and a large outdoor table. This was a great spot to enjoy your meals and take in the views and outdoor surroundings

Rachel does the best scrambled eggs I've ever had! Always a bonus when your friends are also great cooks.

Our favourite spot had to be our own private lake with a jetty and a floating pontoon!

This is such a picturesque spot. We had to get a group shot before the Baby Sprinkle celebrations started.

I think we make pretty dam cute kids!

Off to the party we go!

We set up our Baby Sprinkle picnic just under the trees with views of the lake.

This ultimate picnic set up was hired through Bohemian Nights, Wairarapa’s luxury picnic event stylist! We've been lucky enough to enjoy one of her picnics in the past (for my birthday) and knew this would also be the perfect way to celebrate our intimate Baby Sprinkle.

This time we did her DYI hire package which is a cheaper option that allows you to pick up all the picnic supplies and set it up yourself.

Arlo & Belle loved having their friends to join them in celebrating becoming a big brother and sister. For food, I wanted to make it family friendly with something fun for the kids to do and ordered a large mixed doughnut box through Bicycle Kitchen. This was where you can decorate your own doughnut rings and holes with different toppings and icing. The kids absolutely had a ball doing this. Huge success!

I also ordered a raspberry and lemon cake from Bicycle Kitchen. Wow! This cake stole the show and was absolutely delicious. I've been enjoying doughnuts and cakes by Kate from Bicycle Kitchen for a few years now and I love her rustic style cakes along with her melt in your mouth cream cheese butter icing. How beautiful are the flowers on top that come straight from her garden!

It was nearly too pretty to eat!

I thought I better add something a bit healthy into the mix and did a fruit platter with mascarpone and passionfruit cream.

For refreshments I got some lime and elderflower sparkling water and also a couple bottles of apple & rose sparkling grape juice for everyone to enjoy.

Arlo tested out the drink dispenser to make sure everything was in working order.

Had to get a picture of me on my thorne before our guests arrived.

Felt very special to have friends join us from near and far.

Belle of course thought the party was for her!

Time to cut the cake!

Dad on child control.

One thing I have really enjoyed during this pregnancy is having another bestie who is pregnant too and due around the same time. The only difference is that she actually has two little babies growing in her tummy! Can't wait to meet her twins and for kids to hopefully also become besties.

After the party the boys decided to take the floating pontoon out for a spin on the water.

Arlo had the best time with Jake and Hemi out on the lake.

Three little nudie rudies ready for a soak in the twin outdoor bathtubs!

As the sun started to dip we jumped in the outdoor baths and had a soak, the perfect way to end the most amazing day.

It truly was the perfect weekend and just what we wanted...a more quieter, intimate celebration. The Shearers Shed provided the perfect place to create special memories with our friends before we welcome baby number three into out lives. We left here with our hearts full.

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